So… the time has come. I guess this really means I am an adult. Or an adult that is getting old. Not sure that anything up until this point has hit that home as much as having this hysterectomy. I know that I didn’t want to have any more children. I mean, my son is […]

In a previous life

I was cleaning my house today… it’s for sale and when there is a showing, I go a little nuts with the cleaning. As I was Swiffering the hardwood floors, I looked up and came face to face with a picture of my parents. They have both passed away… my dad 14 years ago and […]

What’s your escape?

Listen.. life can be crazy.. sometimes, it feels like I have more appendages than an octopus and I am being pulled in every which direction.  Sometimes, I just need to tune the world out and escape. Sometimes, it’s sleep. Sometimes, it’s a walk.  Lately, because I am worried about an impending surgery, I have found […]

Shampoo for you

Why wouldn’t a 20 year old buy her own toiletries?  I wouldn’t want anyone, even at 20 to buy my own deodorant and razors. Why should someone buy a grown woman pads or tampons? Sure, you pay rent!  But, that barely covers your daily expenses. Toiletries should be that of your own pocket It teaches […]

Married…Party of odd numbers

It’s never a marriage of two… It’s a marriage with 3… sometimes 5…often times, it’s a marriage of 1 How can it be a marriage of 1? Well, it’s when one is married, but, often feels totally alone… It’s when that person you are supposed to be married to has you feeling like you are […]